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A Message From BloomTrac Founder, Sarah Hinton

BloomTrac was not immune to the impacts of the Coronavirus. My reality is that I was unable to achieve my funding goals to continue work on version 2. Without the ability to raise funds, and faced with a substantial loss of users, I found myself at a crossroads.

Evaluating my options, I had to decide whether to sell BloomTrac or shut it down by year’s end.

I am thrilled to say that instead of leaving my BloomTrac users to scatter in the wind, I found a buyer. I reached out to numerous potential buyers and I am happy to announce that Ryan O’Neil, founder at Curate stepped up.

Ryan was the best buyer because he had a great interest in the well being and needs of my users. Your needs are priority one for me.

Curate is in a unique position to support you in a way no other buyer could, given that they have the largest customer support team and development team in the event floral industry.

What's next for me?

Through November, I’ll be here, working with BloomTrac users as always.

I too am learning Curate. 


I will be directly involved in the transition of BloomTrac users through November and available to answer questions and support you as you change over. My ultimate goal is to leave you feeling totally at home in and excited about using Curate!

Next in business for me... I’ve started putting on paper an idea that’s been percolating in my mind for over a year but took a back seat to BloomTrac. The Holistic Creative is birthing soon!

I can’t tell you what these years working with you has meant to me. It is impossible to put into words the magnitude of my appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you for putting your trust in me, Ularas/BloomTrac, and now Curate. It has been my honor to work with and serve you!


Happy Flowering,

Sarah Hinton

BloomTrac Founder

Curate Features You'll Love

Here are some features Curate offers, many of which BloomTrac users have been asking for:

  • Quickbooks Online integration

  • Google and Outlook Calendar syncing as well as a built in calendar for users that don’t use either of those 

  • A native CRM

  • Workflows that automatically change the status of your events from lead to won, lost or completed

  • Integrated purchasing with wholesalers

  • Beautiful proposal templates

  • Customizable colors, fonts, and layouts for each event

  • On the fly markup adjustments

  • Live online proposals and PDFs


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