Write accurate recipes, create beautiful proposals and make more money.


I am absolutely obsessed with my two sensational daughters, oak trees, my pitbull/dachshund Gaia, flowers, wine, genuine humans and creating community through entrepreneurship. I’ve been self-employed over twenty years and I can’t imagine a better lifestyle for me or my family but…

I really suck at math and numbers which made running a successful flower shop challenging. To manage my numerical deficit, I created a super nifty and very comprehensive Excel spreadsheet to plan my weddings and yet, expensive mistakes happened more often than I like to admit. I was also spending a ridiculous amount of time at the computer when I’d rather have been flowering or spending time with my family.

After breaking my spreadsheet one too many times I partnered with a software developer and together we created BloomTrac (formerly Ularas). Utterly. Life. Changing. I saved at least 70% time at the computer and saw a generous addition to my bottom line. My work/life balance improved and I no longer dreaded the time it took to plan events.

I am still obsessed with flowers, but I’ve traded my knife for a keyboard, and I couldn’t be happier to share my software with designers. Teaching florists how to leverage technology to better the business side of floristy is seriously the best job I’ve ever had.


BloomTrac is ever evolving; as the industry and designer’s needs change, so do we. My software will never be ‘finished’. There is always more to do for florists and more for florists to do.


I have to laugh… florist turned tech startup founder… I’d never have thought and yet here I am and I love it!

Sarah Hinton

Founder and Flower Obsessed


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