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Diane Mouton

Fat Cat Flowers ​

BloomTrac has changed the quality of my business management.  I never feel out of control or that I have forgotten something – at least in my business world!  It has saved me hours of administrative time and increased my profitability. I run a better business because of BloomTrac, and that increases my creativity and time at the design table.  BloomTrac lets me be a florist, and not an accountant! Running a profitable business is job one - I can’t be creative if I can’t pay my bills. BloomTrac keeps me profitable on each and every job, and helps me assess when I need to adjust my margins.

CeCe Todd

CeCe Designs

BloomTrac is a life-saver.  We tried EVERY software available before finding BloomTrac.  It is the ONLY one that offers everything we needed to effectively run our floral business.  The owner understands flowers and works hard to continually update the functions to stay ahead of new trends.  The customer service is second to none, and the training makes helping new employees learn the system easily and quickly.  It is hard to imagine our business growing the way it has without the help of all the functions that BloomTrac brings. If you want to grow your business while saving time and money, then make the switch to BloomTrac TODAY!

If you aren't using a floral software, you are losing money.

Sarah Campbell-Angers

"Just a quick note to say how great BloomTrac has been for me this year!  It really has made proposals and management so much easier.  I still have more to learn - I plan in the offseason to learn how to do more with it, but I just wanted to say how impressed I've been - it's saved me tons of time and kept things so nicely organized!  Thank you!"



The Red Poppy

"BloomTrac is very intuitive and easy to use. It is allowing us to replace three different pieces of software we have been using and subscribing to. It is also helping us to streamline the quoting process with being able to do multiple functions within the software and allows us to send a very professional looking proposal to our clients. The support response and tuition are the best I have received from purchasing a piece of Software!"


Bramble and Bee

This software has changed my life as an event floral designer. I can not say enough great things about it. It saves me hours of work on the computer! Prior to using BloomTrac I did everything by hand - designs, crunching numbers, you name it. Mistakes were made and now with BloomTrac I never have that problem. I think my clients are impressed with the overall look and feel of the proposals we provide to them and, in turn we book more events. The personal customer service, our rep and her team behind provide, is outstanding. I can't imagine any other software owner taking any given moment out of their day to help you with whatever you need and personally walk to you through how to work the software. The BloomTrac team is always listening to my suggestions and feedback and working hard to continue to make the software fit my personal preferences and needs. As long as I'm in the floral design field I plan to be a Ularian for life!


Treasured Blossoms


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